Programming Made Easy


Our machines are controlled by our self-developed system WiCoS X, which is specifically designed for coil winding machines. It is based on an industrial PC with a dedicated I/O system which connects to the machine hardware.

The control provides an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface with a touch-screen monitor. The language of the user interface is English, German or any other language as required by the customer.

The control can be integrated into WindowsTM based networks which allows the control to read coil data files directly from a server in the design department. For data exchange between the design programs and the control the CSV format is used, which can also be generated by spread sheet programs and other applications.

In case of any errors the machine operator and service personnel get detailed error messages. There are also extensive diagnostic tools and error logs which allow fast fault detection and repair. Additionally a remote service connection via the internet is available which allows BR to analyze problems and provide software updates and fixes without direct access to the control computer. The remote service connection uses an encrypted connection (openVPN) to our server.

Siemens S7 PLC

For simple applications and options we use the S7 PLC made by Siemens.


The WiCoS X hardware consists of components made by Beckhoff. This is also true for the touch-screen displays.