FWM series - for low voltage coils and chokes

Foil winding machines are available with the follwing technical data and accessories:

  • maximum conductor foil width from 200 mm (7.87") up to 1,600 mm (62.99")
  • backward winding possible
  • automatic grinding of conductor foil (required for cold press welding)
  • vacuum cleaner
  • cold press welding or TIG welding
  • bus bar clamps in the welding station
  • pressure roller at the winding station
  • security devices (laser scanner and/or fences)
  • manual cutting of conductor foil with cutting tools

          and much more...


Winding speedup to 30 RPM
Coil weightup to 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs)
Number of coils1
Conductor foil thickness0.2 .. 3 mm (0.01" .. 0.12")


PDF Data sheet (FWM 700)
PDF Data sheet (FWM 1000)
PDF Data sheet (FWM 1300)
PDF Data sheet (FWM 1600)

Foil Winding Machines

FolienwickelmaschineFoil winding machines are used to wind coils made of copper or aluminum bands. The standard version of these machines will handle one conductor foil and two insulation materials (paper, Nomex or similar). An additional conductor foil and additional insulation material de-coilers can be added.

Bus bars are welded with the time-saving cold press welding process. For this process bus bar and conductor foil may be the same material but the welding of different materials (aluminum foil and copper bus bar) is possible, too.

Programming of these machines is done by means of a touch screen with graphical user interface.

When winding directly on a core an optional motor-driven tail stock prevents twisting of the core due to the high conductor foil tension. The high foil tension up to 30 N/mm² will make the coils firm and compact. Depending on the machine design the foil tension is either generated by the de-coiler only or with additional braking shafts in the machine frame. The foil edge alignment will make sure that the coil edges are straight and smooth.

The follwing accessories are available for our foil winding machines:

  • motor-driven tail stock to prevent twisting of the core when winding dirctly on the core
  • de-coiler and transport for a second conductor foil
  • up to two additional de-coilers for insulation materials
  • edge alignment for conductor foil and insulation material
  • edge de-burring
  • transport system to move the conductor foil from the de-coiler up to the welding station
  • cutting devices to cut the insulation to the required width
  • cutting device to cut the insulation
  • end-fill strip feeders