AM3150 VPL MV - for medium voltage instrument transformer coils

The AM 3150 VPL MV is designed for the fully automatic production of medium voltage instrument transformer coils with automatic insertion of the layer insulation.


Winding speedup to 2.500 RPM
Coil weightup to 150 kg  (330 lbs)
Number of coils1 .. 9

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AM3150 VPL HV - for high-voltage instrument transformer coils

The AM 3150 VPL HV is designed for the fully automatic production of high-voltage instrument transformer coils. Layer insulation will be inserted, glued and cut automatically.


Winding speedup to 2.000 RPM
Coil weightup to 150 kg (330 lbs)
Number of coils1 .. 3

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AM3175 VPL - for distribution transformer coils

The AM3175 VPL is a fully automatic winding machine for distribution transformer coils. End-fill strips and layer insulation will be inserted and glued automatically. The machine will wind the coils either on a mandrel or directly on the cores. Up to 2 coils can be wound simultaneously.


Winding speedup to 450 RPM
Coil weightup to 480 kg (1.060 lbs)
Number of coils1 or 2

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AM4100 - for chokes and other small coils

The AM 4100 is designed for semi-automatic or fully automatic production of chokes or other small coils with automatic or manual insertion of layer insulation.


Winding speedup to 4.000 RPM
Coil weightup to 50 kg (110 lbs)
Number of coils1 .. 15
Wiresup to 28 mm² (0,04 in2)

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Fully Automatic Winding Machines

Our fully automatic winding machines allow the operator to leave the machine during the production of the coils. The operator is free to prepare other coils or to run other machines while the production continues. Only at the beginning and at the end of the winding process or when taps must be made the operator is required at the machine. We can provide fully automatic winding machines for instrument transformer coils, distribution transformer coils or other high-voltage coils.

Sensors which are integrated in the machine will detect errors during the winding process and stop the machine. The operator will get optical or acoustical signals when his presence at the machine is required.

The advantages of a fully automatic machine are the high productivity and the constant high winding quality of the coils which is independend of the machine operator. On the other hand a fully automatic machine will require high quality winding materials to allow a trouble-free operation.

Depending on the types of coils to be wound the following optional devices can be supplied:

  • feeding devices for layer insulation (full layer width) with cutting
  • feeding devices for end-fill strips with cutting
  • hot-melt glue devices to stick the insulation or end-fill strips on the coil
  • cutting devices to cut the insulation to the required width with optional rewinder to wind the insulation rest for further usage
  • cutting devices to separate several coils which are wound with a single sheet of insulation
  • electronically controlled or mechanical wire brakes
  • flatteners to shape round wire to flat wire

These optional accessories allow the adaption of the machines to a wide range of customer requirements.