TEWISS-Technik und Wissen GmbH

TEWISS is an associated company of the University of Hannover and acts as a project manager of research and development projects between university institutes and industrial companies. Additionally, we are specialized in the field of engineering special purpose machines and prototypes.

Our skilled and well-practiced specialists are mechanical and electrical engineers and computer scientists. They work together in all projects and offer our customers an outstanding know-how that covers all steps in the project: Idea generation, development and design, assembly and integration in existing production processes.

TEWISS offers innovative and economic solutions meeting your demands in the following fields:

  • Automated assembly facilities
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Controls, mechatronic devices, drive technology
  • Test stands, process-integrated measuring methods


TEWISS-Technik und Wissen GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Leif-Erik Lorenzen
An der Universität 2
30823 Garbsen


Heinrich Georg GmbH

Renowned transformer manufacturers all over the world trust in the GEORG know-how.

As the leader in the technology and world market, we know what it is all about. With maximum reliability and strong partnerships, we design efficient machines, plants and equipment.

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience with reliable service by our specialists – online or on site. 

Our range of services

  • TBA lamination lines for cutting of “step lap” core plates
  • Slitting lines (TKS) for slitting of grain-oriented and non-oriented electric strips
  • Reactor core cutting lines (TRKA)
  • Wound core production lines (SWA) with eccentric shear for the manufacture of single phase transformer cores.
  • Cutting machines (AMC) for amorphous material
  • KLT stacking tables for the rational core assembly
  • TKWA finfolding lines for the manufacture of corrugated tanks
  • Radiator lines (RAD) for the manufacture of cooling radiators