Winding Machine for Bushings - DWM 3

The fully-automatic winding machine is available for internal bushings for high voltage instrument transformers. Two insulation foils and one conductor foil will be wound on a mandrel. A highly efficient production of internal bushings is ensured. A costumer specific design is possible.   



  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Outer diameter up to 500 mm / 19.7 ‘‘
  • Winding width: 4,000 mm / 157.5 ‘‘
  • Winding of two insulation foils and one conductor foil (Al)
  • Automatic conductor foil cutting eqiupment


A range of additional accessories allows the custumor to cover a variety of products.

  • Edge folding unit
  • Storage for metal sheet coating
  • Device for avoiding electrostatic charging
  • Automatic traverse feed control
  • Slit cutting for end foil connection


PDF Data sheet (DWM 3)